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Updating the industry on the world food scene and ways to improve.



TOKYO FOOD LAB is a creative bridge between the “Technology & Science” of food such as foodtech and the “Innovations in Culinary Art & Food Enjoyment” created by chefs and other professionals. By updating our members on the world food scene, improving their knowledge and skills, and driving positive change in the direction of global food culture and practices, we aim to shape solutions and an ecosystem to drive innovation to respond to social issues shared by the world.

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Combination Plant Factory
& R&D Facility

Using originally developed AI technology and a closed growing environment to individually control over 20 different parameters for optimal management of “light, air and the nutrient solution”, PLANTORY is the first plant cultivation system of its kind in the world. Boasting productivity on a par with the world’s top plant factories and tackling issues such as the control of flavor and nutritional value, the deployment of this pioneering facility will contribute to solving the challenge of providing both volume and nutrition to feed the world’s population.

PLANTORY tokyo cultivation system

[Development & Operation: PlantX Corp.]

Possessing cutting-edge plant factory technology unlike any other in the world, PLANTX Corp. is a startup attracting attention both around Japan and abroad.



The Hub
of an Innovative Community
for Sharing & Experiencing
Food-related Knowledge

“U” will be a magnet for chefs and various food experts from around the world. Under the theme of “updating its members on the world food scene, improving their knowledge and skills, and driving positive change in the direction of global food culture and practices”, this will be a place for sharing and experiencing knowledge assets related to the preparation and enjoyment of food.

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[Operation: Chaos Co., Ltd.]

Engaged in a wide scope of business activities from supporting chefs to producing restaurants, Chaos Co., Ltd. is a company that applies a unique approach in the domain of food culture.


Food technology innovations! Menu research and development! Fascinating workshops! Here in “U” on 2F, chefs from around japan and abroad and food experts and companies in the food industry will pursue a wide range of activities.




3-6-15 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan

[Access From Major Stations]

2 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kyobashi Station Exit 3
3 min. walk from Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Ginza 1-chome Station Exit 7
2 min. walk from Toei Asakusa Line Takaracho Station Exit A3
11 min. walk from JR Tokyo Station Exit Yaesu South



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